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China Computer Federation Technical Committee on Sensor Network


The China Computer Federation established in 1956 is the largest national academic organization in China. Within the past 50 years, CCF has established 32 Technical Committees which span a wide range of technical realms in computing science and technology.

Technical Committee on Sensor Network ( CCF TCSN) established on the 19th of October 2006 is the youngest member of the CCF family. TCSN was initiated by a group of researchers and entrepreneurs from institutes, universities and industries, who are very active in this booming area. The goal of CCF TCSN is to promote research, development and application of sensor network related technologies and applications by providing an excellent open cooperation platform to related researchers, application developers, end users and other practitioners from mainland China and other areas, such as Hong Kong, etc.

Now TCSN consists of 81 members, and a group of leaders, who were elected by its members according to the regulation of CCF. The current director is Prof. Dai Hao, who is the academician of CAE. Three other deputy directors are Prof. Li Jianzhong, Prof. Ma Jian and Prof. Sun Limin. They are in charge of dealing with affairs in academics, committee development and organization respectively. Prof. Ni Mingxuan was invited to be the chief counselor of TCSN. Dr. Cui Li was nominated and elected as the secretary general. The secretary office located at ICT handles the day to day activities of TCSN.

The committee looks forward to the participation of all experts regardless of what professional backgrounds you have: whether you are from institutes, universities, industries or organizations, or whether you are domestic or from abroad. The only requirement for you to participate is to become the member of the CCF first, which is the strict regulation of CCF.

If you are interested or want to get more detailed information, please visit our websites, which are http://ccf.org.cn for CCF and http://www.sensornet.org.cn for TCSN, or contact us via the following email address: ccf-sntc@sensornet.org.cn.

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